Exam Support (extended)

Preparing for the January Mock…

Let’s start with a little recap… do you know what you should do when? Use this quick mix and match to check you’ve got the basics…. [Starter (What to do for which question)]

Now, below are the slides we have used in class to teach the skills. The paper does not belong to me and so therefore it is not available here, as it would be breach of copyright (and as a law teacher it’s not good for me to breach it!) but you all have a copy, so all good! The resources are in order, and then the quiz and the create your own are there to double check you know everything…. remember: you can do it! I’ve seen the proof in class and in your work!

Now you know what to do… domino your way to greatness! Dominoes for Starter iGCSE Paper Basics) and then read this short extract from the the brilliant Swimming to Antartica…IGCSE Exract (Swimming to Antartica) and the planning sheet [Questions] for your fabulous answers and paper are here so you really can create your own!

…and the awesome quiz of skills (can you beat the score of 53?) is below…

Quest Qu 1 Nove 2012 response sheet


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