Week One!

… so it’s FRIDAY! Congrats to all, you made it through the first week back in my classroom. The iGCSE Exam pages have been updated, so you lucky mock people can use them. Bonne Chance!

…and for the AS Language and Literature lot, the Catcher notes are up and the Huck ones are converting as we speak (type? rant?)

,,, the Law ones can’t be updated as sadly the students didn’t work fast enough (yup. you all messed with my lesson plan so no intoxication or appeals notes for you yet!)

,,, y10 let’s hope you are keeping up with the developments on Ched Evans… take a look at lastnight’s Newsnight debate on it, available on iplayer to help you with your response to text coursework… your support for coursework is converting and should be available shortly…

Happy first week back!

Miss H