Welcome to the all new land of Miss Hart!

Happy Almost-New-Year…

Yes, after many promises and lots of laziness, the blog is updating and expanding! As my teaching now involves English, I have included my resources here as well for students to reference. All resources will be in place for the start of the New Year (it’s going to be a long old New Year’s Eve!)

Anyone else – you are more than welcome to use these as reference and in their current form. If you want editable versions of some of this, please feel free to contact me at the email on the left (this one actually works!) and if I’m feeling generous, they may well come flying your way!

The blog will now be updated with the resources weekly, on a Friday, as I teach them, so the speed of development is entirely up to the students!

I will try to set up an easy way for those of you who want more than the one off resource for law to be able to purchase them, but that’s going to take me a little thinking and planning! And for law, please remember that they will always be the year behind.

Best wishes, and have a fabulous end of 2014!

Miss H.


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